What Women Want In Bed?

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If you are one of those men, who constantly wonder whether they are able to please their women the way they want to be pleased, then it is time for you know the truth. If you search online about ‘what do women want in bed’ then you will get to see numerous results. This is so because men and women behave differently in bed. Men fail to require as much attention as woman does in view of sexual arena. In fact, a man gets easily aroused whereas woman is completely different. She takes more time for being aroused. As a result, many Pune escorts services women are not pleased by men in the bed.

Three important things that women want in bed

  • You should have ability to enjoy sex with her many times during night. This is very important thing, though most of the men tend to avoid it. They opine that some kind of techniques or new position can get them away – long lasting sex and ignoring premature ejaculation. Men tend to avoid this as it involves more effort to become a long lasting partner. You need to carry out exercises and practice it on regular basis to get rid of premature ejaculation. Getting rid of quick ejaculation also helps in the coming part and that is the capability to enjoy sex more than one time during night. So, lots of men ejaculate prematurely and take turn to their side. During meantime, woman has not experienced even one orgasm.
  • Carry out wonderful oral sex. Most of the women have said that giving wonderful oral sex has more orgasm pleasing effects in comparison to the standard sex. So, if you are one of those men who can give such a mood to woman then think how your status will be more dignified in her front. Men with wonderful oral giving ability are better companions for women. The key is to doing oral just like a master. Lots of men hardly know what they are doing while going down. Familiarize yourself with amazing techniques and figure out how your woman likes it.
  • The size of your organ matters a lot in making a woman Pune escorts happy in the bed. Most of the women have confessed the importance of size. It is just the girth of your organ and not the length that matters. It really makes sense for the women. Longer size fails to do anything extra for giving pleasure to women. It is just a thicker size organ that provides much more pleasure and can cause stimulation of G-spot and can lead to more fulfilling orgasms.

Mend your behaviour

Apart from these tips, you behaviour also counts in making a woman happy in bed. Just be cordial and affable to her. Talk to her politely and gently. Any aggressiveness on your part can upset her mood and she will part her way from you. Since women are escorts in Pune more sentimental than men, you need to be very careful with her feelings. Saying any unruly things or vulgar words can disappoint her.

Briefly, familiarize yourself with all the tips mentioned above to make your woman happy in the bed. She will certainly be pleased and delighted with you.

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