Are all escorts happy with what they do

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Deciding whether all escorts are happy with their work or not might be a complicated decision, because we all know, people have a different take on what they do. At the same time, it is not easy to ask an escort about the same without appearing like you is intruding into their personal life.

For that reason, I decided my own personal research to get the closest answer to this question I did not only interview the escorts but I talked to their clients as well. Although it might look like a client might not be the best person to give a response to this question, but their experience with these escorts tells you a lot.

An escort who is happy with what they do will definitely give very different services in terms of quality to one who is in this industry just to make ends meet. After interacting with several regular clients to different escort agencies, I learned it was easier to tell between an escort who love what they do and those who don’t.

My second question then was what really makes someone hate their career and what exactly keeps them there? One escort, however, reminded me that they were not the only people who are in a career they don’t love. Just like any other career woman, sometimes we get into our field for very different reasons. I learned that there is one major thing that brings the difference between a happy and unhappy escort. This is:

The motive of the escort

There are some escorts who got into the industry with one goal of making money and exiting the field once they’ve made enough money to get them another career. For such an escort, every negative experience is enough to make them hate this career even more. For such kind of escort, every negative experience is enough reason to make them quit.

On the other hand, there are people who got into the escort industry out of passion. They not only loved what escorts do but they as well admire to be on the top in this career. For these escorts, every time they go through a challenge, they take it as a stepping stone to their goal in life. According to many passionate escorts, their challenges lead them to draw closer to perfection.

Although many clients don’t know how to differentiate between the two, for many regular clients, they’ll tell you an escort’s attitude says it all.



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