Staying positive in the High profile escort business


The society can be so cruel when it comes to dealing with escorts. Escorts are often judged and shunned by society because of their career choices. The fraction of society who cannot process the idea of escorting as a career tend to offer unsolicited advice and even caution well-meaning people against associating with known escorts.

As much as escorts try to keep their career discreet and their family life separate, there will be instances when they are confronted by people who have discouraging views and opinions. According to Louisa, a female Chennai escort, there are a few tips to staying positive in the escort business.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

If you want to maintain a positive qi around you, then you need positive vibes. Having negative, critical people around you will be detrimental to your attitude and self-worth. Lucy, Chennai Independent Girls Escorts Services reiterates the importance of having a positive working environment as well. If your agency or your colleagues tend to make you feel terrible, it may be time to change agencies. Your well-being and being in a safe happy environment should be a priority.

  1. Don’t take things too personally

In an ideal world, everyone would accept each other for who they are and shut up if they have nothing good to say. But the world is far from ideal. There will be days and instances where people will say nasty things about you. Sometimes it’s a client who just wanted to take out their day on you by writing a nasty review. Do not take these things to heart. Nancy, a Housewife Escorts Services says if it is a mistake that you attest to, correct it and move on but if it is just malicious slander, let it go.

  1. Set time for hobbies.

The world of escorting can be overwhelming. If you are not careful you may get completely burnt out and end up with a short fuse. This is why, Donna, an independent Chennai escort insists on time to decompress. Take a day every week to do something you love. Go to a movie, read a book, visit a friend or just go dancing and appreciate your life.

  1. Make a deliberate step to be happy

What many people don’t realize is that happiness is a state of mind. It is a conscious decision that you have to make for yourself. People who peg their happiness on other people or material things end up miserable and frustrated. If you want to be truly happy, wake up everyday and decide to be happy. Let negative vibes bounce right off you and you will find happiness anywhere.

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